Massage Therapy

30 Minutes – $60.00             45 Minutes – $80.00
  60 Minutes – $95.00             90 Minutes – $125.00


               Reflexology                    Athletic Taping

60 Minute – $65.00                              15 Minute – $15.00
All prices include HST*


Massage Modalities

Vaccum Cupping – Is one of the oldest forms of manual therapy. The cup is placed on restricted tissue using vacuum suction, which draws the skin, muscle and fascia up into the cup. This causes a negative pressure on the tissue which allows new blood flow to enter the area. This can cause new cell regeneration at the sight of injury, enhance circulation, warms the skin and softens tissue to realign elasticity, reduces inflammation and provides relief from physical and emotional pain.

Prenatal Massage – Can assist in pain relief as your posture changes to realign your center. It can also aid in reducing edma or normal swelling during pregnancy. Regular massage during your pregnancy has been proven to better sleep, increase immune system function and greatly reduce stress.

Athletic Taping – Can be used to stabilize or aid in reducing swelling of an acute injury. By applying athletic tape to an injured muscle we shorten the inflamed region and reduce pain. Athletic tape also helps maintain proper biomechanics during activity and can prevent further harm to the injured area

 All modalities can be offered as part of your massage therapy treatment.
**Athletic Taping as a separate appointment will be charged the above fee.

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