Massage Therapy

30 Minutes – $60.00             45 Minutes – $80.00
  60 Minutes – $95.00             90 Minutes – $125.00
All prices include HST*


Massage Modalities

Therapeutic Ultrasound – Uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a thermal effect that results in an increase in blood flow to the effected area. It can also decrease the pain sensitivity of the injury. This treatment is more desirable with an acute injury or anywhere acute with inflammation.

Contrast Stone Therapy An alternating technique used to compliment your massage therapy treatment. Heated basalt stones are used to relax your muscles and increase superficial circulation into the treated area. Following the heat is refreshing cold marble stones, to reduce localized inflammation and ease pain. This is an effective and valuable technique for the recovery of repetitive muscle strain injuries.

Vaccum Cupping – Is one of the oldest forms of manual therapy. The cup is placed on restricted tissue using vacuum suction, which draws the skin, muscle and fascia up into the cup. This causes a negative pressure on the tissue which allows new blood flow to enter the area. This can cause new cell regeneration at the sight of injury, enhance circulation, warms the skin and softens tissue to realign elasticity, reduces inflammation and provides relief from physical and emotional pain.

 All modalities can be offered as part of your massage therapy treatment.

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