Clinic Update

We are diligently working to have everything in place so you can once again come and see us for all your massage treatments. The re-open is on the way, however office hours will be shorter, appointment times will be limited, time between appointments will be longer, and so much more.

We are creating appointment protocol, updating scheduling and so many other things to make sure you and your loved ones stay Covid free after treatment.  

We will keep everyone in the light regarding a firm opening date as we near that time as well as new clinic protocol and what you can expect when you come back in for your first appointment.  

Thank you all for your understanding as we get ready for our RE-Grand Opening! 


Our mission is to facilitate soft tissue recovery, prevent further injury and maintain good physical health through massage therapy and its modalities for all lifestyles. We will continue to educate ourselves, so we are better equipped to educate others in the importance of good mobility and soft tissue health. It is our goal to be a dependable, compassionate and forward-thinking Massage Therapists for all in the community who seek a comfortable, pain free lifestyle.

Gift Certificates
Available for purchase in office.

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